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Snarestone Cof E (A) Primary School recognises the right of parents to express a preference of the particular school that they would like their child(ren) to attend. The Governing Body, which is responsible for admissions to this school, have agreed to follow the principles described in the Co-ordinated Scheme for Admission to Primary Schools.

Places are allocated in accordance with the Governing Body's policy. The initial admission may not exceed the Pupil Admission Number (PAN), which is currently set at 15.

Current legislation requires that the number of pupils in a Key Stage 1 class should not exceed 30. This may influence the number of places available in any one year.

For further information about admissions, speak to Jo Williams in our office (01530 270598), or to the Admissions Team of Leicestershire Local Authority (0116 3056684 or email

This current academic year - Primary first time admissions closing date is 15th January 2018 and offer date is 16th April 2018

Admissions amendment March 2016 against our current Admissions Policy:

Appeals should be sent to Diocesan Director of Education, St. Martins House, 7 Peacock Lane, Leicester, LE1 5PZ. The appeal must be in writing on the relevant form which can be obtained from Mrs Kerry Miller, Diocesan Board of Education, St. Martins House, 7 Peacock Lane, Leicester, LE1 5PZ. 

Appeals must be made by 17th May in writing on the relevant form, and appeals will be heard during the summer term, within 40 schools days of this date. Appeals lodged after this deadline, like appeals for in-year admissions, will be heard within 30 school days of the appeal being lodged. In all cases, appellants will receive at least 10 days’ written notice of the appeal hearing. They may submit additional evidence in writing by 12 noon the day before the hearing. Decision letters are sent to the school, DLAT and appellant within 5 days of the hearing.

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Admissions for 2018-19

The current policy has gone through parent, Diocese and LA consultation on our Admissions Policy for September 2018-19 intake.
Please see below policy for Admissions 2018-19 and catchment area map.

Admissions Policy 2018-19.docDownload
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Admissions for 2019-20

The current policy is awaiting parent consultation but has been agreed by Leicester Diocese and LA consultation.
Please see below policy for Admissions 2019-20.

Admissions Policy 2019-20.docDownload
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