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Herons - Year 3/4


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Let our adventures begin....

Welcome back to the second part of the Spring Term. This term, we will be continuing to follow our creative, topic based approach to enhance learning; linking: English, science, music, geography, PSHE, Art & DT and RE.

We will focus on enquiry, creative thinking skills and the ability to learn for the joy of learning.


Our aims are to:

  • enjoy learning
  • be motivated to learn
  • know how to ask questions to find things out
  • improve standards of writing across the curriculum


Our Shining Stars

This week's stars! Rose and Layton were our stars of the week; Layton for showing great resilience when subtracting fractions, Rose for creating a beautiful pop-up information booklet about Roman roads. Tahlia received the WOW for her pop-up information booklet that contained beautifully constructed sentences.