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What areas do our Sub-Committees look after?

Our Governing body is organised into subcommittees that focus on specific areas of the school with a defined remit. They meet at least three times in a school year and all outcomes are fed back as part of each full governor meeting. The structure of these committees is:

  • ​Curriculum and Standards Committee
  • Personnel and Finance Committee
  • Pay Committee
  • Pay Appeals Committee
  • Health and Safety and Premises Committee
  • Allegations, Complaints & Appeals Committee
  • Cygnets Pre-School Committee
Cygnets onsite Pre-School Committee

Mr Tim Jewitt

Settings Manager

Mrs Julie Clamp


Mrs Helen Smith

Governor (Chair)

Mr John Wilebur

Governor (Vice-Chair)

Mrs Nicky Hearfield

Finance (non-voting member)

Mrs Lisa Hickman

Pre-School Leader (non-voting member)

See below for the terms of reference for each committee which outlines their responsibilities. These are reviewed and agreed annually.

ToR - Allegations, Complaints & Appeals.docxDownload
ToR - Curriculum.docDownload
ToR - Cygnets.docxDownload
ToR - Pay Appeals Committee.docDownload
ToR - Pay Committee.docDownload
ToR - Personnel and Finance.docDownload
ToR - Premises & H&S.docxDownload
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Pupil leave of absence requests are handled separately by a nominated working party of governors.
Below is a full delegation planner of areas of responsibility for our Governing body.

Delegation planner.pdfDownload
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