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What areas do our Sub-Committees look after?

Our Governing body is organised into subcommittees that focus on specific areas of the school with a defined remit. They meet at least three times in a school year and all outcomes are fed back as part of each full governor meeting. The structure of these committees is:

  • ​Curriculum Committee
  • Personnel and Finance Committee
  • Pay Committee
  • Pay Appeals Committee
  • Premises and Health & Safety Committee
  • Allegations, Complaints & Appeals Committee
  • Cygnets Pre-School Committee
Cygnets onsite Pre-School Committee

Mr Tim Jewitt

Settings Manager

Mrs Julie Clamp


Mr John Wilebur

Governor (Chair)

Mr Robert Walsh

Governor (Vice-Chair)

Mrs Nicky Hearfield

Finance (non-voting member)

Mrs Lisa Hickman

Pre-School Leader (non-voting member)

See below for the terms of reference for each committee which outlines their responsibilities. These are reviewed and agreed annually.

 ToR - Allegations, Complaints & Appeals.docxDownload
 ToR - Curriculum.docDownload
 ToR - Cygnets.docxDownload
 ToR - Pay Appeals Committee.docDownload
 ToR - Pay Committee.docDownload
 ToR - Personnel and Finance.docDownload
 ToR - Premises & H&S.docxDownload
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Below is a full delegation planner of areas of responsibility for our Governing body and our code of conduct.  These key documents are taken from the National Governance Association (NGA) and adopted by Snarestone C of E (A) Primary School.

 2017-18 Delegation of Duties Plan.docxDownload
 Code-of-Conduct 2018-19 for Governors.docxDownload
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