Snarestone Church Of England Primary School

Participate, excel, take pride!

  1. Our School
  2. Our Values

“Participate, excel, take pride!”

Vision and Values

Our vision is to create a caring school community underpinned by Christian values, where children participate, excel and are proud of their achievements.

We will do this for our school community by:


Making school fun and preparing you for life in the world you are growing up in.

Parents and carers:

Teaching your child in the way that best matches their needs, abilities and interests so that they can achieve, be happy at school, and build relationships with others people.


Providing support so that you can be fulfilled in your professional role, continuously developing yourself so that you contribute fully to our shared success.


Celebrating the history of the school, and ensuring we are the hub of the local community.


We will help children, parents, carers and staff to achieve and excel in our vision for the school.

The Snarestone Way and Our Core Christian Values

The ‘Snarestone Way’ was created in partnership with our pupils and reflects our core Christian values.
It is a set of five ‘child friendly’ statements that are posted around school, and are integral to school life.

I smile and say hello - FRIENDSHIP

I listen and I learn - WISDOM

I care and have respect for everyone and everything - TRUST

I have a positive attitude – HOPE

I work hard and challenge myself – ENDURANCE


To provide a caring and inclusive environment with a focus on friendship and a ‘family feel’.


For children to learn through experiences and a curriculum designed to engage and delight, ensuring curiosity,
intellectual depth and teaching beyond the test.


We are privileged to take the children on a learning journey, providing them with the skills they need to develop academically, socially, personally, morally and spiritually.


To enrich the lives of all children, enabling them to succeed in their future lives in an increasingly technological,
culturally diverse and fast-changing world.


For our pupils to develop independence, thinking skills, resilience and the ability to solve problems alongside
learning knowledge.