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  1. COVID-19

Our Catch-Up Premium Intended Spend

 Catch-Up Premium Intended Spend 150121.pdfDownload
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Our Remote Learning Policy and Protocols

 Acceptable Use Protocols.pdfDownload
 Data Protection Impact Assessment for live and recorded remote learning_.01.pdfDownload
 Recording live lessons risk assessment - FINAL Feb 2021.pdfDownload
 Remote Education Provision - Information for Parents.pdfDownload
 Remote Learning Policy 050121.pdfDownload
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Our risk assessment for the full reopening of Snarestone Primary School and Cygnets Pre-School

 Checklist for Full Reopening - 130820.docDownload
 Full opening of schools during COVID 19 (8th March 2021) SPS 280221.docDownload
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Overview of procedures and protocols for parents and carers

 R5 Overview of Procedures and Protocols for SnarestoneFull Re-opening.pdfDownload
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Some useful websites

Our protocols and procedures for full reopening

 Snarestone protocol 1 Classroom Environment Cleaning.docxDownload
 Snarestone protocol 10 Picking up at the end of the day.docxDownload
 Snarestone protocol 11 First aid and illness.docxDownload
 Snarestone Protocol 12 Office Area and Esstential Visitors.docxDownload
 Snarestone protocol 13 Distancing in Classroom (KS1).docxDownload
 Snarestone Protocol 14 Distancing in Classoom (EYFS).docxDownload
 Snarestone protocol 15 General Cleaning.docxDownload
 Snarestone protocol 16 Communication.docxDownload
 Snarestone protocol 17 Evacuation.docxDownload
 Snarestone protocol 18 Wrap Around Care.docxDownload
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