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Meet Our Governors


Mr Mark Haggan - our Chair of Governors

Type of Governor: Foundation

Appointment start date: 25.10.2019    Appointment end date: 24.10.2023

My son started in Reception at Snarestone in 2017, so has some years left as a Snarestone pupil, and I am looking forward to playing a part in the development of the school during that time. I am an IT consultant having worked mainly in the aviation and retail sectors, both in the UK and overseas. I have been a trustee of several educational charities since 2000, which I hope will be useful in my role as a parent governor. I spend some of my spare time involved in motor sport, and my career in aviation has left a passion for travelling, and I have been lucky enough to visit more than 75 countries around the world so far.







Mrs Claire Trewartha - our Vice-Chair of Governors

Type of Governor: Foundation

Appointment start date: 01.02.2019    Appointment end date: 31.01.2023

My son is currently in Swallows and loving it!  My daughter attends Cygnets pre-school too! I am a teacher and currently work for the Department for Education with the Regional Schools Commissioner for the West Midlands.  I have been a trustee of a large Multi-Academy Trust which I  hope will be useful in my role as governor. 


Reverend Wilma Colley

Type of Governor: Foundation Ex-Officio

Appointment start date: 12.06.2020  Appointment end date: 11.06.2024

Having worked for some years as a GP, I felt called in a different direction and in 2019 I was ordained as a Deacon in the Church of England. I am currently really enjoying my time as a curate, working in the Woodfield team of churches. Having raised five children I have a particular interest in education and I am looking forward to building on this as a Foundation Governor in Snarestone school. I currently live in Groby with my husband Noel, who is also a vicar.

Mrs Emma Pepper

Type of Governor: Foundation

Appointment start date:  24.10.2019   Appointment end date: 23.10.2023 

I am a Headteacher at a Leicestershire Primary School and former parent of the school as my girls, now aged 14 and 18, were former pupils at Snarestone Primary.
The school gave them a great start to their education. I now aim to help support and challenge the school as it moves forward and continues to provide a great educational experience for all the children it serves.

Mr Neil Measures

Type of Governor: Co-opted (awaiting Foundation governor approval)

Appointment start date:  20.11.2019   Appointment end date: 19.11.2023



Mrs Emma Burditt

Type of Governor: Local Authority (GB approved)

Appointment start date:  20.05.2021   Appointment end date: 19.05.2025

 My previous career was within the Home Office working for a non-departmental public body.  My role was Business Support and the Regional Facilities Manager for the offices in England.   After the birth of my first son, I decided a new challenge was in order and I started my own delicatessen and hamper business.  During this time, I went on to have my daughter and youngest son.  I have really enjoyed seeing my children thrive at school and I wanted to look further into applying my business skills to the education sector.  I am currently studying for my diploma in School Business Management, and I am very excited at the opportunity to work within a school in the coming months.  In my role as governor at Snarestone Primary I hope to share my business experiences to support the growth and sustainability of the school and to help them to achieve the very best educational outcomes for the children.


Mr Steve Tideswell

Type of Governor: Foundation

Appointment start date:  28.02.2020   Appointment end date: 27.02.2024

 I am a chemical engineer who has had a two-part career.  Post university I spent 16 years as a Manager in the Chemical and Oil industries.  In 2000 I became a Management Consultant, helping a wide variety of companies in the UK and abroad to change and improve.

 This year I decided to take a break from work to pursue other interests, which include education.  I have seen how tremendously important a good and broad education is, and believe that this is especially true for pupils in their early years.  I am keen to use my experience to support the school and help its pupils excel both at their core subjects and more broadly to develop their thinking skills, confidence and values.


Mr Tom Ashby

Type of Governor: Parent

Appointment start date:  18.11.2020   Appointment end date: 17.11.2024

I have worked in education since 2009, firstly as a music teacher in a school for young people with behavioural difficulties and now as Lead Job Coach for a group of Further Education colleges. My daughter has been at Snarestone Primary School since September 2019 and has loved every single day!



Mr Tim Jewitt

Type of Governor: Staff - Headteacher

Appointment start date: 01.09.2016  Appointment end date: 31.08.2025


Miss Rebecca Popple

Type of Governor: Staff

Appointment start date: 01.10.2021   Appointment end date: 30.09.2025



Mr Mark Eydman

Type of Governor: Clerk to the Governors

Appointment start date: 13.06.2018   Appointment end date: 12.06.2028

When my first daughter joined Ashby CE Primary School in 1997, I quickly found myself on the PTA, becoming Chair in due course. Joining the Governors followed, as did the position of Chair, which I am still proud to hold. As part of a 'portfolio career', I now Clerk three Leicestershire schools and provide specific support to others when asked. I successfully completed the National Clerks' Development Programme in 2016. I also train governors for LCC with a focus on , governance. In my 'spare' time, I travel with my wife, run for the Ivanhoe Runners and manage local woodland as a Founder Member of the Heartwood Community Woodfuel Group.